About the Maker

My name is Danie, I am a self taught artist and a one- woman shop, located in San Diego, CA.

Deadly Sweet Designs started out as a secondary art endeavor to my freelance hair and makeup. Working in stylized photoshoots, I would create custom jewelry, accessories and props to bring the vision to life.

Deadly Sweet Designs is a brand inspired by the beauty of the once living and the curiosity of the unknown. Since it’s fruition, it has evolved into a line of taxidermy jewelry, art decor pieces and soy candles. Most of my designs use butterflies, all of which are ethically sourced from conservation farms that collect their wings after they naturally expire. I hand cut, sand and solder glass for each piece of jewelry; I hand pour soy wax and blend fragrance to create the perfect scented candle; and for each art piece of art, I look at the specimen I am working with to see how I can best immortalize it’s beauty by handcrafting and designing shadow boxes and displays.

The Butterfly is symbolic of personal transformation and evolution – transitioning from our current state towards our future dreams and highest purpose. The brand is still in it’s early stages, and continues to grow into something beautiful. Each day I learn something new about Deadly Sweet Designs, and I enjoy exerting my creative energy into each piece I make. Each one of us transforms every day into something new while still holding on to what’s true to us from our past; I hope that with each piece I make, the consumer can find a piece of themselves in it, as well as find inspiration to transform and continue on life’s beautiful journey.